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About Us

About Novus Pay

Who we are

Novus Pay is an independent payments advisor offering guidance on all types of business payment solutions. Our ethos is focused on the merchant and the provision of the best payment solutions according to business and industry type. We are totally independent and work with a wide range of payment service providers and acquiring partners, enabling us to offer a wide range of payment solutions across all sectors.


What we do

Novus Pay will compare the widest range of payment solutions in the marketplace to help you find the best possible package customised to your needs as a business, saving you money on card processing fees.

Novus Pay offer simple and concise advice when finding the right package for you. We will work with you to assess your needs, before matching you with the best hardware and software suppliers, all at the lowest possible rates.

Navigating the world of payments can be tough. With over 39 million card transactions a day, rising to over 60 million in the next ten years, there are plenty of card providers to choose from. Whether you want to switch provider to save money or start accepting card payments for the first time, Novus Pay are the ideal guide in the payments industry to help you find the best solution.

Our Ethics

Quality Service

Our approach is based on unbeatable customer service. Our dedicated, UK-based customer service and account management teams are specifically trained to help you find the best possible deal and the right payment solutions for your business.


Our team of experts is always on hand to assist you with any queries relating to our products or services. The world of payments can be daunting, but with Novus Pay you can ensure that you have a professional guide by your side.


We will always act with integrity and honesty, maintaining the highest ethical standards at all times. When dealing with Novus Pay, your best interests are always in safe hands.


All of Novus Pay’s activity is closely monitored to ensure that we meet our own high standards. We frequently ask our customers to provide feedback on how we have performed. We listen to your feedback and look to constantly improve our service and offering.

Why Novus Pay?

To find you the right deal that fits in with your needs, we look at more payment providers and solutions than anyone else. We provide all the information you need to choose the right solution and the best payment provider.

In addition to the above, we can also provide the following:


Wide selection of payment solutions


UK-Based Customer and Technical Support Team


Experienced Team of Industry Experts


Dedicated, UK-Based Account Managers


Competitive, Simple Fee Structure


Comprehensive Fraud Protection


Award-Winning Products

What sets us apart?

Honesty & Transparency

You always get our lowest rates and there are no hidden charges.

Completely Independent

We work with a wide range of providers and put your needs first.

Live Cloud Portal

Access real time analytics and tracking information anywhere.

Next Day Payments

Fast next day settlement of all of your card payments.

The Latest Tech

We supply the latest technology to hit the market.


Fraud Protection

Take payments with peace of mind that you’re protected.


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