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Pay By Link

Collect payments from your customers with our pay by link solution.

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Window Cleaners

Pay-by-link is a simple payment solution where the merchant is able to send a link to a customer via email or text message to pay a bill or invoice. The pay-by-link solution is suitable for traders such as electricians, plumbers, window cleaners and where a merchant allows the customer to enter their own card details themselves.

Pay By Link features


Take payments via email

Send secure payment links to your customers via email – no website needed!


Accept credit and debit cards

Accept major credit and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and Maestro


Reporting online in real time

Access your reports online anywhere


Customised email template

Create and send a customised and branded email that includes your payment link.


Free UK based support

Email and phone UK-based support, available 7 days a week

Find A Deal

We know that finding the right card terminal for your business can often feel complicated, time consuming and annoying – so that’s why we made ‘Find A Deal’! It’s here to make finding the right card terminal quick, hassle free and easy!

So how does it work? Easy, just answer a couple of simple questions about how you want to accept card payments and our Find A Deal wizard will quickly provide you with the best choice of card terminals that you need (always at the best prices).

It’s quick, simple to use and saves you loads of time and hassle, so don’t hang about click the ‘Find A Deal’ button now to find the best card terminal for you, in just a couple of seconds!


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  • Vpay
  • Bacontact
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  • Samsung
  • JCB
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