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Online Payment Gateways

Accept debit and credit card payments online.

Payment Gateways are the perfect choice for:


Website payments

Online booking

If you want to sell things through an online store, a payment gateway lets you do just that. Accepting payments online is a great way to attract more customers and allows you to take orders 24/7. Your customers will be taken to a secure web page that can be customised to look like the rest of your website, where they can make a secure payment.

Online Payment Gateway features

Our online payment gateways are perfect for e-commerce businesses or any other business that conducts its activities on a website.

Our payment gateways can be integrated with many popular shopping cart software – get in touch to discuss more about your specific needs.

As you’d expect, our payment gateways allow access to reports that update in real time.


Compatibility with over 50 major UK shopping carts


Easy to use Merchant Management System


Safe and secure transactions


Fully customisable branding look and feel


Developer Zone


Phone and email UK support

Find A Deal

We know that finding the right card terminal for your business can often feel complicated, time consuming and annoying – so that’s why we made ‘Find A Deal’! It’s here to make finding the right card terminal quick, hassle free and easy!

So how does it work? Easy, just answer a couple of simple questions about how you want to accept card payments and our Find A Deal wizard will quickly provide you with the best choice of card terminals that you need (always at the best prices).

It’s quick, simple to use and saves you loads of time and hassle, so don’t hang about click the ‘Find A Deal’ button now to find the best card terminal for you, in just a couple of seconds!


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  • Vpay
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