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How would you like to become a Reseller for Novus Pay?

We are looking for people to join us as Resellers. Once a member of our Reseller Programme, you will be able to run your own business in the Merchant Services industry.

Operating within the payments industry you will resell our expansive and complete range of payment solutions to all types of SME businesses in the UK. If you are not sure or think it may not be sufficiently beneficial for you, then consider this figure:

A single reseller averaging 3 sales per week could earn over £40,000 per annum!

Like to know more?

Read on to find out more about Novus Pay and who we are.

Who we are

Novus Pay are a fresh new company run by industry experts.

We know where we want to be. Our vision and growth plans involve us revolutionising the payment technology services industry. By providing innovative solutions driven by customer needs, when you partner with us, you are provided with a world of endless sales opportunities.

An independent operation, we are not tied to just one acquirer or payment service provider and work with many top brands across a range of sectors. This means that we can offer merchants the widest range of payment solutions in the market. By carefully identifying their requirements, we provide them with the best possible customised package, saving them money in every way and reducing card processing costs.

Our ethos is of offering simple and concise advice when providing the right package, equipment and rates. Our aim is to be at the forefront of the payments solutions industry with many dynamic solutions available. Merchants know that when they choose Novus Pay they are working with the most secure, award-winning and with the latest technology.

What we do


Access to over 20 acquirers and payment providers


Pay Monthly Terminals


Pay As You Go Terminals


Virtual Terminals


High Risk Merchant Services


ePOS Solutions


Business Cash advances

Independent experts in our field, our focus is always on the end user – the merchant. Taking account of the size of their business and current processes, by representing us, the Reseller will provide them with a variety of options, enabling them to find the best payment vehicle to suit their business operations.

It’s all about providing the merchants with the best deal in terms of price, savings, flexibility and quality. In order to achieve this and unlike other payment providers our Resellers will have access to over 20 different acquirers and payment providers that have varying risk appetites which will give our Resellers more opportunities to complete that sale.

The SME Market

You may be concerned that you will not find sufficient SME businesses to sell to, but this is definitely not the case. Already statistics show that there are over 39 million card transactions taking place each day in the UK. Over the next 10 years this figure is predicted to rise to over 60 million. The debit card business is currently worth £500 billion a year.

Card payments have now overtaken cash for the first time ever but there are still so many businesses in the UK who still do not accept card payments. With approximately 5 million businesses registered in the UK, 4.6 million of those have 0-9 employees makes up the bulk of the SME market place. Only 50% of these businesses currently take card payments according to Barclaycard’s latest survey.

This is not a crowded industry. In fact it is one of the few remaining true growth industries left in the UK. This means that you have a vast pool of potential customers waiting for you to contact them.

Why should you work with Novus Pay?

Our focus is on building long-lasting and strong relationships. Each merchant that you sign up will receive a high level of customer service.

You will be able to take advantage of flexible merchant pricing with no minimum targets to hit. The online portal will allow you to track referrals whilst measuring your own performance and level of profits.

Highly responsive, we will be there when you need us. As well as providing back-end office support, you will receive extensive training which will be ongoing. By providing you with all of the tools and resources that you could ever need, you will be able to attract high quality customers.

When you choose to work with Novus Pay you will benefit from the receipt of a best-in-class proposition with no risk to you. Novus Pay take all of the risk for your merchant accounts so all
you have to focus on is selling.

Our promise to you

Once you partner with Novus Pay and are ready to begin operating as a Reseller, we will support you every step of the way. Our promise to you is one of:


100% transparency


Dedicated support


Comprehensive training


Absolute honesty


Competitive commission structure


Growing portfolio of acquirers, payment providers and suppliers


Investment into technology for the Reseller Portal

About you

You may already have a career in B2B sales or feel that this is a field that you can do well in. If you are considering a new career then you should consider the Novus Pay Reseller Programme. We provide you with everything you need to start up and continue to run your business operation. This will include:

  • Reseller portal with real-time updates
  • Access to market-leading products via our bespoke application
  • Ability to track your merchants in real-time
  • System training sessions
  • Industry training sessions
  • Support and advice service via Reseller Support team
  • Provision of sales & marketing collateral
  • Weekly commission payments
  • Market-leading commissions, totally uncapped
  • Lifetime receipt of monthly residual commissions
  • Sign your merchants up easily using DocuSign

There are no minimum sales targets to hit. Your merchants, your pricing – you set the charges.

Enquire about our reseller programme

If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you to grow your own business, all you need to do is call us now on 03333 393930. Sign up to the next training session and you are ready to go!

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